Iru Mugan Tamil Movie Review

Iru Mugan Tamil Movie Review

Iru Mugan Tamil Movie Review

Release Date : Sep 08,2016  |  Movie Run Time : 2 hours 30 minutes

Production: Shibu Thameens
Cast: Nayanthara, Nithya Menon, Vikram
Direction: Anand Shankar
Screenplay: Anand Shankar
Story: Anand Shankar
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Background score: Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography: RD Rajashekar
Editing: Bhuvan Srinivasan

Iru Mugan Tamil Movie Review

When a project has Chiyaan Vikram in its solid list, the perception around it takes on a distinct color. And director Anand Shankar’s second directorial Iru Mugan isn’t any exception either. To top it, we’ve 2 Vikrams World Health Organization square measure vying for our attention within the competently titled film.

A trailer are a few things that offers the audience a sneak peek of what to expect and conjointly kindle the curiosity levels to create them obtain the tickets and head to the theatre. Going by that, the trailer gave associate degree suggestion of however Iru Mugan goes to be.

Director Anand Shankar has tried to administer associate degree action orienting undercover work adventure story with some scientific innovations thrown in. There square measure high flung chemical formulae mouthed by the characters with references to Adolf Hitler too. feels like the team had done their analysis on that fine.

Well crafted action sequences, stylishly shot visuals, tight music and neat performances mark Iru Mugan. However, there’s one thing amiss within the film to create you’re feeling that it had been such a well created, taut, industrial literary work.

What will one say concerning Vikram? He provides his life and soul to any character that he essays and in Iru Mugan too, it’s his show all the manner. because the RAW officer Akilan, he brings out the ruthlessness associate degreed sharpness of an agent and as Love, he rocks it success. He blends within the masculinity and conjointly the effeminate nature of the character practically. It positive could be a rope walking and approval to the director for not creating a mockery of such characters. But, why is that this character this way? Was it simply to herald quirkiness?

Nayanthara and Nithya Menen have their roles clearly engraved bent herald the colour to the proceedings. attention-grabbing job descriptions like moral hacker and RAW intelligence officer sound cool. Out of the supporting characters, Thambi Ramaiah has a lot of screen time and therefore the role is like every different one that he has been depicting in several of his films. it’s slightly unconvincing to examine cop characters continued to be projected outright silly onscreen.

The beauty of Asian nation, geographic area and different places come back to the fore with RD Rajasekar’s visuals. Bhuvan Srinivasan’s edits seem tight. below Harris Jayaraj’s musical Halena song stays on. though the songs square measure richly choreographed and shot, {they square measure|they’re} all needless protractions particularly once the proceedings are at a distinct gear. Costumes of Nayanthara square measure outright stylish and uber cool.

In associate degree investigatory action adventure story like this, scenes should proceed at a fast pace. however there square measure moments after we leave the happenings on screen and wander around. The team ought to have centered a lot of on the story and playscript, that may have resulted during a higher product. The meant twists square measure well guessable by the present audience. There square measure a number of logical queries that look unrequited within the story.

To total it all, Iru Mugan has its pluses within the kind of technical superior skill and performances however the core story and therefore the treatment let it down.

Iru Mugan Tamil Movie Review

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