Manal Kayiru 2 Tamil Movie Review

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Manal Kayiru 2 Tamil Movie Review

Manal Kayiru 2 Release Date: 23 Dec 2016

Manal Kayiru Cast: S. Ve. Shekhar Ashwin Shekhar Shamna Kasim Visu Jagan
Manal Kayiru film Director: Madhan Kumar
Production: Murali Ramaswamy
Music: Dharan Kumar

Manal Kayiru 2 Songs List:

  • Adiya Thangamatanya
  • Mudhal Mazhlai
  • Rajathi Rajan
  • Roller Coster
  • Mudhal Mazhlai – Instrumental

Manal Kayiru 2 Tamil Movie Review

Though sequels aren’t something new in Kollywood, a ‘continuation’ to a movie that free over 3 decades agone, is certain to impart interest among several, particularly those that have watched the primary instalment. A unflawed comic caper, neat performances and totally partaking sequences created Manal Kayiru, a no-hit venture back in 1982. S Ve Shekher, UN agency compete Kittumani, and Visu, UN agency compete Naradhar Naidu, scarf the show then thanks to the sociability they shared on screen. apparently, the pair enacts a similar roles once these a few years, and has place up a formidable show. Having aforesaid that, Manal Kayiru two, lacks originality within the plot, and also the unconvincing characterisations rub salt within the wound.

So, Kittumani is currently well settled in life and he desires his female offspring, Nisha (Poorna), UN agency is in her 20s, to urge married. His vexation with Naidu (a go-between UN agency has unionized around ten,000 weddings) for creating his life miserable by obtaining him a lady UN agency possess no qualities that he had dreamt regarding continues even in spite of everything these years. although Kittumani’s mate (Jayashree) depends on Naidu for his or her daughter’s wedding, the previous is resolute regarding conducting the wedding while not the veteran matchmaker’s facilitate.

All of a unforeseen, Nisha announces that she, too, encompasses a few conditions like what her father argue, long back. This puts Kittumani and his mate in an exceedingly state of confusion, although they later cope up with their daughter’s strange demands, and begin probing for a perfect groom. Nisha, UN agency finally gets hitched to Arjun (Ashwin Shekher), learns that she has been cheated and variations happen among the couple. however they solve those and move forward to guide a contented life forms the remainder of the plot.

The one-liners of S Ve Shekher and Visu manage to form laughs here and there, however the opposite actors relatively deliver flat performances. those that wanted the primary half square measure certain to get discomfited with this lousy try.

Manal Kayiru 2 Tamil Movie Review

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